Advanced Hotrunner Technology

Mere end 60 år med System Flygenring



We supply spare parts for our nozzles "from the good old days" and Neews

Interchangeable tips, sealing ring, heater and thermocouples


Patented needle-closing system

NEW spring valve system Dansk

  NEW spring valve system English

Patent pending sealing system Dansk

Patent pending sealing system English

60 års erfaring danner grundlag for kvalitet

Made in Denmark


Press here for Danish Video

X-Treme System




Air-Valve Type 682400                        Air-Valve Type 481600

Air valve 481600 is particularly suitable for installation in small
molds for Hotmelt and similar materials.

  Type 682400 (use for 2 to 4mm needle-point )                            Type 481600 (use for 0.6 to 2.00mm  needle-point

Infotext                                                                                   Infotext 

      Look for parts 682400                                                                      Look for parts 481600                 

Look for build-in sketch 682400                                                       Look build-in sketch 481600


Complete Hotrunner's

Standard as well as Special made.




High injection open gate systems for caps  Moulds

Example: 96 cavities with open gate for pp

need only a unit with 16 heat regulators

Look System

Look  parts 112800


 Lots of possibilities for any case.  

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Do things easier for yourself:

 Send us the specifications about the items you want to produce

( like following ):

1. Dimension of the item

2. Material you are going to use

3. (For multi-cavity) distance between the cavities (Cavity-distance)

THEN we will send you a suggestion for an optimal and most low-priced system ready to install in your mould.


System Flygenring

Program and Download 

X-Treme System

High Speed Nozzles                     Single-cavities from 0.1 gram up to 16 Kg.

Look Hotrunners for Stack-moulds



 With 0,6 to 6mm needle 

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